Summer Camps

Come to camp with us... from home! We’ve adapted our regular River Adventures Summer Camps into at-home, family friendly activities that follow the same river and ecosystem themes and nature learning objectives that we usually provide in-person, in what we’re calling Stay Home Summer Camp.

Each camp includes 3-5 activities per day designed for you to do together in your home, in your neighborhoods, or in your yards. While our camps are going to be missing the river part of our mission this year, we'll present a range of activities that include active options, crafty options, science options, and quiet options so that your week of Stay Home Summer Camp can look like whatever you need it to look like during this time. We also want to encourage you to share your camp experiences with us on Instagram, where we’ll be following along and maybe sending out camper challenges too...

Each camp's activities will be released via email during the scheduled camp week. For example, if you sign up for Forest Ramblers, you will receive your activities each morning the week of June 22nd. Registration is free but we do require you to register so that we know where to send the activities. Because activities are created per camp session, they will be the same for each participant. For example, each Forest Ramblers registration will receive the same Forest Rambler activities. Please only create one registration per family or household, even if you have multiple campers who will participate in the same session. If you are registering a participant outside of your family/household, be aware that activities will be sent to the email address used to sign up.

Check out the sessions below, and sign up for a camp today!

Stay Home Summer Camp: Nature Sleuths
Life isn’t about knowing, it’s about exploring! And the best way to explore is to ask questions. Nature Sleuths is designed to get you thinking about how the...
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Stay Home Summer Camp: Outdoor Adventure
Do you think you could find your way home if you were lost in the woods? Outdoor Adventure helps teach outdoor survival skills while also taking a look at...
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Stay Home Summer Camp: Sense of Place
Use your five senses to touch, taste, smell, listen, and look toward a deeper understanding of what keeps an ecosystem in balance. We can find examples of...
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Stay Home Summer Camp: Living Water
As Riverkeepers, we are always promoting river ecosystems and water conservation. Learn with us about the things that live underwater, and gain an...
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For questions please contact Dana Schot at 503-218-2580 or