We are the only non-profit dedicated to advocating for water quality, ecosystem sustainability, and improving the health of the Tualatin River watershed in Washington County.

We Focus On Addressing:

Urban Impacts

Tualatin Riverkeepers works to ensure urban impacts to water quality such as stormwater are minimized and avoided when possible. We address these impacts by being involved in regulatory processes at all levels of government, advocating for environmentally conscious new urban development, and raising awareness around choices individuals make which impact water quality and water quantity.

Rural Impacts

Tualatin Riverkeepers works to ensure rural land uses are as protective as possible of water quality and water quantity. We work on forestry issues, agricultural issues, and serve as a stakeholder in discussions around rural land use practices in the Tualatin River Watershed. We also advocate for healthy habit and land conservation in rural areas.

Advocacy Resources

See recent information and news related to Tualatin Riverkeepers' advocacy work. Posts include how community members can get involved in decision making processes affecting the river and how to protect your local waterways when working around your home.

River Safety Tips from TRK
Protect the Tualatin Watershed from Home
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Helpful Documents & Maps

Introduction to the Clean Water Act
A Guide to Protecting Wetlands for Community Members
Maps of the Tualatin River Watershed
Westside Regional Water Providers Map

Stay In Touch

We need you to be our eyes, ears, and noses on the ground. If you think something may be decreasing water quality contact us or report it on Water Reporter. You can also sign up for our newsletter to receive updates about our work. Finally, you can email Ashley at to be added to our "Action Alert" email list which will let you know when and how to act on specific issues and projects.